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Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature and the Contemporary Philosophy of Science,
by Aziz Yardımlı

Blace sığınmacı kampından ayrılmak üzere olan Kosovalı bir genç kadın; Foto: Lucian Perkins Aziz Yardımlı
Facts and Concepts

Kosovo 1999

Intellectual and Truth
Why Mr. Chomsky’s Views Are Criticized

The PKK Question
Hatred in Middle East and Europe

Gallery 1
(Lost in
plain sight)
Lucian Perkins

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Gallery 3



European Union is the achieved end of liberty, the victory of reason over unreason on the whole continent. Freedom is the only possibility of the happy change which raises the humanity beyond and above the improper cultural differences to a single Law, to a single Constitution, to a single Justice, to the Universal Happiness. In the new ethical life of peoples of Europe, the residue of the petrified tradition, of the conservative despotism, of the violent ideologies, in short all the archaic structures of multi-culturalism has been committed to the care of the postmodernist comedians. European Union is the first step of the World-Spirit in its long and painful progress towards the true political power of the human dignity.

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